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You are a wealth of knowledge. I've sat through many embalming seminars and this has to be one of the most comprehensive and informative.

   -Michael T.


One of the best and most knowledgeable speakers. Please bring your expertise to more seminars.

   -Val K.


Very informative. Shane provided techniques that were different from the same old theories.

   -Tony C.


Shane is a very knowledgeable speaker. The presentation kept me engaged and excited to learn more.

   -Cheri J.


Great presentation. Loved your discussion about educating on the benefits of open casket viewing. Your expertise in restoration and embalming are unsurpassed.

   -Brian S.

This was one of the best and most informative sessions that I have experienced in my 35 years in funeral service.

   -Jon W.



What attendees have had to say

Just a few of the hundreds of testimonial Shane has received from his seminar attendees...

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