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About Me

Shane A.S. Ritchie, CFSP is a licensed funeral director / embalmer in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia, and a published author with articles appearing in many funeral related publications including The Director, Southern Calls, Funeral Business Advisor, The Dodge Magazine, and American Funeral Director. He has been a guest speaker at numerous events including the NFDA National Convention. He is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science and the winner of the school’s award for Excellence in Restorative Art. Shortly after graduating mortuary school, Shane experienced a life changing event when his twenty-four-year-old daughter, Felicity, passed away suddenly of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. In honor of his daughter, Shane decided to spend the rest of his life helping families who have lost loved ones be able to say goodbye; even in cases of traumatic injuries that most embalmers would deem too severe to restore. Combining his life-long experience in special effects makeup techniques with restorative art was an excellent starting point but Shane wanted to develop his expertise beyond the current “norms”. Shane studied everything available on mortuary restoration procedures and developed many of his own techniques and products, including his NceroMetics 21st century funerary cosmetic line, which is available through This allowed Shane to become known as one of America's most respected Post-Mortem Reconstructive Surgery Specialist. He is a tireless learner and teacher who enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills with his fellow embalmers and anyone who is interested in the funeral profession. In his various seminars, he stresses the importance of having a dedication to educating on the value of open casket viewing as well as technical expertise. In addition to his mortuary education, he is also a skilled businessman and holds a BA in Management from Ottawa University and is completing his MBA. He also holds an honorary PhD in Religious Philosophy. Shane may be reached at (304) 299-9069 or via email at

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